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4 Steps to Take While Waiting for a Tow After an Accident

Car Towing After Accident
An automotive accident of any kind can feel immensely frustrating, inconvenient, and even scary, especially when the collision means that your vehicle requires towing away from the scene.
If you have minor injuries or no injuries, you may find yourself waiting at the scene between the time of the accident and the arrival of a tow truck. Even if you know the fundamentals of contacting law enforcement and your insurance company, you may not know exactly what to do during this waiting period.
In this blog, we list four important steps to take after a car accident, but before a tow to simplify the insurance claims and vehicle repairs processes.
1. Ask About Towing Restrictions Under Your Policy
In most cases, when vehicle owners are left on the side of the road after an accident, they use the time to begin filing a claim with their insurance company. Whether you are already on the phone with a representative or you have to make a new call to get this information, you should check the towing restrictions under your policy.
Your insurer may only cover towing services from certain companies or from companies within a specific mile radius. Failure to comply with these restrictions could leave you with the bill for services that should fall under your auto insurance coverage.
If your insurance company has preferred towing providers, then the representative may send out a towing request on your behalf. Otherwise, you will need to get the information of a qualified towing company and make the call yourself.
2. Consider Towing Services From an Auto Body Shop
When you are choosing between towing companies, you should think about the future of your car, not just your preferences in the moment. A tow truck from an impound lot may be closer and take less time to get to you, but an impound lot may also cost more in out-of-pocket storage fees.
If possible, consider working with a tow truck from a reputable auto body shop. Many of these trucks are available 24 hours a day and take your vehicle directly to the shop instead of a remote lot.
Opting for towing services from an auto body shop that's approved by your insurer may also speed up the evaluation process so you know sooner whether your car will need extensive repairs and which other steps you need to take.
3. Get Official Documentation From the Tow Truck Operator
Trusted towing companies ensure that their clients have adequate information about the towing process. If a tow truck arrives and you don't recognize the company name as the one you or your insurer called, or the truck operator seems hesitant to give you information, the truck could be part of a scam and you should wait until the tow truck company you recognize arrives.
A reputable tow truck operator will offer you a receipt for your car and provide you with the location where your vehicle will be stored. Because accidents can be disorienting, you may want to ask for the company's address and phone number in writing so you can reference it later.
4. Remove as Many Personal Items From Your Car as Possible
Before your vehicle is loaded onto the tow truck, remove as many personal items from it as possible. You will have the opportunity to take items out while the car is in impound, but you may have to wait for specific business hours.
Additionally, if your car is totaled, you may have a short period of time to claim your possessions before the car is hauled away.
Use these guidelines to make confident, informed decisions about how your time between an accident and your car's transportation to a local impound lot or auto body shop.
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