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5 Reasons to Repair Dents and Scratches on Older Vehicles

Deep Scratches On Car Bumper
Exterior damage on a vehicle increases along with the miles it drives. It is impossible to prevent all mishaps when the vehicle is on a roadway or in a parking lot. Many owners ignore the small dents and dings and allow them to accumulate over time before they move on to their next vehicle. Here are some examples of when this is not the best idea.

1. Plans to Sell

A shiny, scratch-free exterior draws attention from buyers much faster than a car or truck speckled with scratches and dents. Someone that wants to sell a used older vehicle quickly should look at the option of repairs if they cannot bring out the beauty of the finish with a wash and wax. 
Trade-in values also vary a lot due to the exterior condition. In fact, it takes only a few scratches and dents to lower the condition of the vehicle in the eyes of a professional appraiser. Make repairs to only the most obvious damage to avoid the mistake of investing more into the work than what you can expect to recoup in the sale.  
Check the trade-in and resale values of the vehicle online to see the difference between the model in poor, fair, and good condition. Use that as the guideline for how much you can afford to spend at a body shop. Get estimates on a full repair as well as for repairs for only the most damaged sections. It is sometimes worth spending a little if the goal is to sell as fast as possible.

2. Prevent Future Damage

The most worrisome factor of exterior damage is the potential of rust. A small amount of rust on an older vehicle is not unusual, but over time the neglected spot can become worse. At some point, the rust causes vulnerabilities in the metal that may make the vehicle unsafe in an accident. 

3. Keep It Professional

Many people work in careers where their clients see their vehicle. Salespeople, insurance agents, Uber drivers, and driving instructors often use their vehicles for work every day. A dented, rusted, or otherwise damaged vehicle does not look professional and may even lead to a loss of business if clients ride in the vehicle.
This also applies to businesses that advertise on their vehicle. The shoddy appearance of a damaged car or truck could lower the reputation of the business it advertises. 
The removal of dents and a fresh coat of paint restores the appearance of professionalism and is much more affordable than the cost of a new automobile.

4. Maintain a Favorite

A favorite car is not always a luxury vehicle or a vintage hot rod. Many people feel an attachment to the first automobile they bought, or they just love the reliability and comfort of something they bought years ago. The desire to keep a vehicle on the road for as long as possible and avoid monthly payments requires exterior care. 
A fresh coat of paint makes an older vehicle feel new again. The shiny finish and lack of exterior damage increases the appeal of the ride and makes it feel new. It may not make the vehicle last longer or operate more efficiently, but it can increase the pride of the owner.

5. Assist With Insurance

Some companies will not allow full coverage on a vehicle with exterior damage. Other insurers document the damage to prevent a claim later. Drivers may encounter problems if an accident causes damage in the same area as the prior damage. The insurance company may refuse to cover all the repairs, or there are delays as the insurer makes a decision.
Whatever the reason for a repair, at Cambron Body Shop we restore exteriors to their earlier beauty. We offer small dents and scratch removal as well as repairs for extensive body damage. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.