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Caring For Your Truck Body Is Always Good For Business

Trucks on Road
Whatever your business type, you probably rely on one or more trucks to get you or your employees out to a job site. Your profit line relies on the simple fact that reaching your destination is not just good for your business - this is your business. Because so much relies on those trucks, always keep those truck bodies in good repair and free from dents or damage.

Your Trucks Are Your First Impression

Much like a firm handshake when introducing yourself can make a great first impression with someone, so too can your company vehicle. A truck that appears clean, shiny, and in great physical condition makes customers feel like they made a good choice when they chose your business.
On the other hand, if your truck has visible scratches, dents, rust, or a bad paint job, your customers might wonder if they have made the wrong choice when they enlisted your business to fill their needs. A beatup vehicle can seem like a bad reflection of your business image and your integrity.
Don't let customers feel that way. You can make a great first impression with your clients by arriving at the job site or their business in well-cared-for trucks. If you care about how your fleet presents itself, this will translate to your customers. Take the time to repair dents and other body damage as soon as possible.

Your Trucks Are Your Advertisement

Possessing a business fleet provides you with the unique opportunity to advertise your business without having to pay for print, web, or media advertisements. Your fleet itself gets word of your business out on the freeways and busy streets for potential customers to find. In fact, the average delivery truck can receive 16 million visual impressions annually.
Bad advertising simply does not attract good customers. Cheap, cheesy commercials and misspelled or poorly worded flyers can make a business seem low-tech, unreliable, and incompetent. So too does a shoddy-looking fleet. If your business trucks look bad because of body damage, customers will look the other way, believing your business operates the way your trucks look.
Almost one-third of people say they will make a buying decision based simply on the look of your vehicle. Keeping on top of body damage, as well as other dents and scratches tells your future clients you care about the details.

Your Trucks Can Maintain a Higher Resale Value

While trucks are important to your business, they are also costly to own and maintain. Regular wear and tear, replacement parts like tires, oil, and gasoline can all really add up. You may not be able to control the cost of these items; however, you can control how much each vehicle is worth. This becomes important if you ever decide to sell one or more trucks in anticipation of replacing them with newer models. For this, you need a high resale value.
One way to help maintain the highest possible resale value of your truck fleet is to keep the fleet in excellent physical condition. In addition to a regular maintenance schedule, look beyond what's under the hood - take a look at the hood itself along with the entire body. Are the body and paint free from visible damage? A truck may run perfectly but be worth less if it looks bad on the outside.
Keep your business truck or fleet in great physical condition by making sure the body is clean, smooth, and free from damage. Cambron Body Shop can help your trucks make a great impression on current and future customers. Visit us today to learn how we can make your truck look amazing.