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High-Quality Truck Body Repairs in Owensboro, Kentucky


Durable Work for Your Hard-Wearing Workhorse

Trucks can endure tough conditions. They excel at transporting workloads of debris from a job site. They can haul your machinery, equipment and tools. They can commute over rocky, washboard roads. No matter how you use your truck, it may accumulate dings, dents and scratches over time. Whether it needs post-collision bodywork or a new coat of paint, trust the experts at Cambron Body Shop.

No Dent Too Large

Does your favorite truck need a face-lift or a post-accident makeover? No blemish is too large or complex for our certified team of technicians. We will give your ride the attention it deserves. At Cambron Body Shop, we have nearly one hundred years’ experience helping people like you get the best services for your truck. 

Extending Your Truck’s Life Span

All too often, the body of your truck wears out before the parts used under the hood. If your engine and transmission have thousands of miles of life left on them, it will be worth addressing body or frame issues that may prematurely cause you to buy a new, expensive truck. 
We specialize in cracks, dents, missing panels, frame repairs, painting and refinishing. Imagine your beloved workhorse looking as new as the day you first bought it. Let us help you save money by making the most of the trusted make and model you currently own.

Insurance Made Easy

Filing a claim with your insurance provider can be a hassle. The last thing you need after a collision is another source of stress. That’s why the thoughtful and friendly team at Cambron Body Shop will handle your claim for you. We will assist you with your insurance policy and send the bill directly to your provider. Moreover, loaner cars are available and warranties are provided on all our work. With us, recovery after your accident is made as easy and headache-free as possible.